2020 – The Second Warmest Year on Record So Far

January through July of 2020 has so far ranked as the second warmest year on record, just 0.04 degrees Celsius cooler than 2016. NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information estimates that the year 2020 has a 99.9% chance of ranking in the top 5 warmest years on record by the end of the year. If this comes to pass, that would make the last seven years (2014-2020) the seven warmest years in recorded history. Due to developing La NiƱa conditions, it is unlikely that 2020 will be able to dethrone 2016, but could be close. For more information, see this excellent post by Dr. Jeff Masters and Bob Henson of Yale Climate Connections.

In keeping with the warming theme, NOAA, NASA, and the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have all reported July, 2020 to be among the warmest Julys since the late 1800s. For more information and to see the data, click the below links:

NOAA NCEI Global Climate Rerpot – July 2020

NASA Land-Ocean Temperature Index

JMA Global Surface Temperature Anomalies for July